Style Guide for Equines

Your style questions answered.

All the things that I’ve mentioned in my Portrait & Family Guide still apply! Need real-life inspiration - go to the Equine page and look at what other people have done before you. Don't be afraid to try new things! Give yourself a day off to get your horse clean and still have time to go back home, shower & get dressed.
The session generally is done about two hours before sunset and I try to arrive early to get familiar with everyone involved.
getting your horse ready:
1.  Safety first!
-    Your horse should be worked, turned out or lunged before our session.
-    Is your horse nervous or spooky? Please talk to your trainer/veterinarian ahead of time, there are several medicines that are safe and can help take the edge off. This will make for a much more pleasant and safe experience for everyone.
-    Consider having a buddy for your horse if they get separation anxiety (turnout friend?).
-    Bring a friend (or family member) that knows how to handle your horse. If your trainer or groom can be there – even better!
-    Have closed-toe shoes (riding boots go great with literally everything if they are clean & polished)
-    Thinking of wearing a long dress or putting a flower wreath on a horse? LOVE! However, please make sure you introduce it ahead of time and that your horse feels comfortable with it.
-    Are we doing a session at the barn? Please let your trainer and barn manager know ahead of time.
-    Hauling to a location? Take the time to check if horses are allowed and what rules & regulations exist.
2.  Clean up
-    Imagine your horse is going to a show. Take the time to bathe ahead of time!
-    To preserve that clean coat (I’m looking at you - grey horse), through a light sheet over and do not turn them out.
-    Consider braiding your horse if we are doing fine art portraits.
-    Tack should be show-worthy clean! Bring out your best bridles, halters & saddles. Give them a nice scrub and conditioning.
-    If your horse needs a clip, give it at least two weeks before the shoot for a nice, sleek coat.
3.  Have handy
-    Treats, treats, treats
-    Fly Spray
-    Brush & Towel (to wipe off that drool, especially green drool)
-    Lunging whip or a crop
-    Hoof polish or Baby oil (this can double for hoofs and face)
4.  Tack
-    Clean Bridle (hunters look best in a D ring)
-    Leather halter & lead rope
-    Saddle (if you’re planning on using it) & pads
5.  What to wear
-    Virtually any deep, rich color will go well with your horse
-    Read through my Style Guide for Portrait (or Family)l.
-    Think of at least three outfits – fancy, cute, comfortable.
-    Full skirts work best for getting on a horse and give you room to maneuver.
-    Make sure that you can actually get on a horse (if you’re planning on it) while wearing what you want.
-    Accessories! Hats, flowers, scarves, earrings… maybe your prized ribbon?
-    The more things you bring the easier it will be for us to pick from.
P.s. As always, I’m here for you! Please text or email me photos, questions, etc. We can decide on it together.
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