Style & Prep Guide for Equestrians

Your style questions answered.

Photographs are love letters to your heart, the one that was stolen by the first horse in your life. To the one that stands by you now, with unconditional love and an irreplaceable place in your story. My approach is candid & contemplative, where you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Being yourself and feeling confident is essential for having beautiful, sincere images. Wear clothes that highlight your personal style, yet leave room for something new. This is your chance to experiment and try different looks. Most importantly, allow yourself enough time to prepare for our session.
I've curated a style board, please feel free to get inspired.
1.  Safety first!
-    Your horse should be worked, turned out, or lunged before our session.
-    Check with your trainer/vet if your horse needs medications to ensure a safe experience for everyone.
-    Consider having a buddy for your horse if they get separation anxiety.
-    Invite a person that knows how to handle your horse and can help you between outfit changes and get the ears up.
-    Have closed-toe shoes
-    Introduce new things ahead of time (long fluffy skirts, flower wreaths, etc.) so that your horse feels comfortable.
-    Barn sessions: Please make sure your trainer and barn manager are aware of your plans and approve them
-    Hauling to a location: Take the time to check if horses are allowed and what rules & regulations exist.
2.  Getting the horse ready
-    Horse should be thoroughly cleaned (ideally - bathed)
-    Mane and tail conditioned and brushed
-    If clipping do so at least 1-2 weeks before the session
-    Use hoof polish or conditioner
-    Eyes and nose should be wiped clean
-    Dressage and Hunters - Braiding is so elegant, especially for portraits
-    Clean and Oil your bridle and halter. The tack should be show-worthy clean!
-    Use a light sheet or blanket to keep the horse clean
3.  Have with you
-    Bridle, leather halter, and lead rope (bring your best tack)
-    Treats, treats, treats
-    Fly Spray & Showsheen
-    Brush & Towel (to wipe off that green drool)
-    Lunging whip or crop
-    Hoof polish or Baby oil (this can double for hoofs and face)
4.  What to wear
You want to look like yourself on your best day and not look like you tried too hard. Start by creating three looks*:
-    Sophisticated : Long & Elegant
-    Casual : Cozy & Chic
-    Playful : Short & Sweet
Long summer dresses and skirts photograph beautifully. Fabric movement gives photos dimension and filmlike quality. Create layers with a cardigan or a riding jacket. Sweaters are wonderful for cozy close-ups with your horse. Riding boots go great with literally everything if they are clean & polished. Bring as many outfits as you'd like, it’s better to have them with you and not use them, than regret not bringing them. There are wonderful rental services (Rent the Runway, Stichfix, etc.) where you can get beautiful pieces to wear without having to purchase them and they take care of dry cleaning for you.
Decide if you want your base colors to be vibrant or neutral. Virtually any color will look beautiful with your horse, but generally lighter horses like greys, look beautiful with neutral and pastel palettes. Darker bays and blacks really pop with rich jewel tones. Chestnuts naturally glow in golden reds and are complemented by deep greens.
-    Rich colors: Jewel tones (ruby, emerald, sapphire, citrine, etc.)
-    Neutrals: Pastel tones (cream, chambray, peach, etc.)
-    Accent colors to consider are mustard, teal, burgundy, blue
-    Treat black & white as an accent color
-    Make sure you can actually get on a horse (if you’re planning on it) while wearing what you want.
-    Accessories: Hats, flowers, scarves, earrings… maybe your prized ribbon?
-    Bring water and a snack for yourself, plus a hairbrush and make-up for touch-ups
*I recommend avoiding large logos when possible.
The Days Before Our Session:
-    Work your horse (lunge, ride, or hand walk)
-    Clean and oil tack (this will save us so much time)
-    Bathe and brush your horse (before you get yourself ready)
-    Clean & steam your clothes (use hangers in the car)
-    Polish your riding boots and wipe those white sneakers
-    Stay hydrated, moisturize your face and try to get a good night's rest
-    Get your hair done. It will bring you an extra boost of confidence
-    Make-up should accentuate your eyes (eyeliner & mascara often do the trick)
-    The skin has a fresh and natural feel (go light on foundation, I can retouch the blemishes)
-    Treat yourself to a manicure & pedicure
-    Have a light snack & bring water with you
These are the products that I use and would recommend for you before and after.
+ Bioderma HYDRABIO H2O / Cleansing Water + Tonic to clean and moisturize your skin
+ goop G.Tox shampoo for a hair and scalp refresh
+ Supergoop GlowScreen for sun protection, even tone & some gentle glow
+ Glossier Lash Slick mascara that will accentuate & give your lashes a lift
+ Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick for silky-smooth lips
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