Style Guide for Families

Your style questions answered.

You want to look like yourself on your best day, and not look like you tried too hard. Think timeless & classic with a twist. Clothes should make a person feel comfortable & confident. We all enjoyed the leisure pandemic-wear, let's step it up a notch for the photos.
Look around you for color inspiration. Lean towards complimenting colors, instead of matching outfits, and please avoid logos.
No stress. I want everyone to feel relaxed and natural as much as possible. Don't expect everyone to be on their best behavior - they won't and it's fine.
The more relaxed you are, the smoother it will go. Be you and allow others to be themselves!
Your family is unique and I want to capture your story & the moments you share together.
Stay hydrated & try to get some rest before the session
Get a fresh haircut or schedule a shampoo & style
(that includes men too) - the night before and the morning of
Clothes must be clean and ironed 
(dry clean them if possible)
Layout your family outfits next to each other to see how they look 
(we can FaceTime or send me photos, I love helping)
Make sure the clothes reflect your personality and make you feel amazing

Have at least two (2) outfits: 
Dressy & Classy Casual & Chic
Neutrals including pastels, cream, grey, chambray, beige
Accent colors to consider are mustard, green, burgundy, turquoise
Treat black & white as an accent color
Layers work wonders and so do textures, don't be shy to mix it up
Bring accessories: earrings, necklaces, scarfs, bowties, hats, etc.

Treat yourself to a manicure & pedicure, plus get your eyebrows done
Make-up should have a fresh and natural feel
Maxi skirt of a dress that can show movement & catch the wind
Flattering solid or bold print blouse
Cardigan or sweater
Jeans or pants

Clean-shaven or trimmed facial hair
Fitted solid color or bold print shirt (short-sleeved & button-down works great!)
Jacket, Blazer, or Cardigan
Chinos, dress pants & jeans
Well rested and fed! Have snacks, water & toys handyLet them pick at least one outfit.
Pets: If your family has pets, please consider including them in your session.
I've put together a sample gallery for your inspiration. Click on the image below to view it larger.
Need more inspiration? Pinterest is great & I've curated a board with some wonderful samples for you.
Images courtesy of Banana Republic, Gap, H&M & Zara.
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